Types of Baby Formulas & How to Prepare Them

baby formula preparation


Your baby’s nutrition is of paramount importance, something we here at iBabyWorld understand. Whether using formula as a supplement to breast milk or the sole component of your newborn’s diet, it’s important to have the right information to make the best decision for your baby.

Powder, Concentrate, or Ready-to-feed Liquid

Baby formula is available in 3 main forms; powder, concentrate, and ready-to-feed liquid. Let iBabyWorld be your baby store when deciding which form will best suit you and your family.

Ready-to-feed liquid formula is the premium option of the three, ready to use straight from the bottle, requiring little preparation other than unscrewing the lid! This makes ready-to-feed formula an easy option when you need formula quickly, and don’t have the time or space to prepare a meal. You don’t need to carry extra containers for preparation and your only concern is making sure the temperature is correct before feeding.

Liquid concentrates require only sterile water to be added, with the amount of water to be added specified on the product instructions. The concentrate may either come in larger bulk container, where you will need to measure out the amount of concentrate desired, or will come pre-measured in a single use container that can be used for feeding, with only a set amount of sterile water to be added in. Concentrates are a good mid-range options, as they offer minimal hassle with a mid-range price point.

Powder formula will need to be dissolved into a set amount water, according to manufacturer instructions. Powder formula may come in individual containers that are ready for a set amount of sterile water to be added, making meals quick to prepare and feed. Often they are often sold in larger bulk sized containers with a measuring scoop, which you make up in your own bottles. It is important that all powder formulas are well dissolved before feeding to your baby, and this can be more easily done with warmer water. Requiring a little more preparation, powder formula is the most economical option.

Formula Preparation

No matter which type of formula you use, proper preparation and storage are important for your baby’s health. When using concentrates and powders, it is essential to correctly follow the instructions for ratio of formula to water; too concentrated and your baby may experience abdominal pains, while too dilute means inadequate nutrition and a hungry baby. Always use sterile water and sterilized containers for making formula, and be sure to follow guidelines on storage, throwing away unused formula after 24-48 hours, depending on the product instructions.

Looking for a way to take the hassle out of powder formula? Consider investing in the Baby Brezza Formula Pro. This helpful appliance will measure and dispense powder, mix it with the appropriate amount of water, and produce formula at the correct temperature for feeding to your baby straight away. This tool allows you to take advantage of the reduced cost of powder formula, while removing the hassle of measuring and mixing.

No matter which formula type you use, iBabyWorld is your baby store in Perth able to provide for all your formula needs.

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