How to pick the right kids and baby toys


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Choosing toys can seem simple, but there are a number of factors you should take into consideration. Take a look at our recommendations below.

Choosing Toys for Babies and Toddlers

When choosing toys for babies and toddlers, you should be looking at toys that will assist their development.

Stimulating Objects

If your child is under one, you should pick toys that will assist them with developing their senses. This includes toys with bright colours, different textures, noise-making toys and other toys that allow your child to stack, press buttons and engage with the toy.

Tactile Toys

Between the ages of one and two, your child will begin to explore their world. Purchase tactile toys such as brightly illustrated books, unbreakable mirrors, toys that make noise, and bathtub toys. This will assist them on their journey.

Musical Instruments

Instruments teach children cause and effect, whilst also developing their love of noise and music. Simple musical instruments like xylophones, keyboards and drums will develop their understanding of music, sound and communication.

Interactive Indoor Toys

Children between the ages of 2 and 3 will benefit from interactive indoor toys that will stimulate their imagination, such as a dollhouse, playdough and large crayons.

Dress up clothes

Developing a toddler’s imagination will help with their development. Dress up clothes are a great way to have fun whilst also encouraging their development. You should consider clothes that will allow them to dress up as their favourite characters, whether that be from a movie, TV show or book. You should also discuss different professions with them, as you may find an outfit for that – such as nurse, chef or police officer.


Choosing Toys for Preschool Children

When choosing toys for your preschool children, consider their wants alongside their developmental needs. The aim of choosing toys for preschool children is to make learning fun.

Artistic toys

Encourage communication and creativity through artistic toys. These can include building blocks, blunt scissors, large crayons and markets, finger paints and plastic blocks.

Toys of their favourite characters

By purchasing toys of their favourite characters, you allow your child to engage with the world around them. These can include plush toys from their favourite cartoons, action figures of their favourite superheroes or even Barbies dressed up as their preferred princesses.

Skill building Toys

For children aged 4 to 5, skill building toys are useful. Modelling clay, jigsaw puzzles and simple musical instruments will help aid their development and make learning fun.


Looking for more Kids Toy Ideas?

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