What Makes Japanese Nappies Unique?


mother holding a  baby wearing a diaper


The supermarket and chemist seem to stock a fair range of nappies, so you might think there’s not much between them. However, nappies vary greatly in the way they conform to a baby’s body, the material they use, the thickness and therefore restriction they put on your baby, their ability to retain fluids, and more. Many nappies have great features that are valuable for parents. However, at iBaby World, we recommend Japanese made nappies to our customers. After years of experience within the market, we feel confident in telling our clients that Japanese nappies are the best available. Here is why.


Form Follows Function

Japanese nappy brands like Merries and Moony seem to have an excellent shape that conforms well to the bodies of infants, and does not restrict them in their movements. They are not as bulky as their Australian market counterparts, which means your child is less burdened, and you can get a better idea of what’s happening inside the nappy when the need arises.


Gently into the Night

Japanese nappies are made of exceptionally soft materials, often enriched with vitamin e oil, which greatly reduces the risk of irritation and rashes for your baby. The design also ensures that the leg openings are wide enough to allow flexibility, but tight enough to ensure no fluid escapes. With a great fitting, comfortable and gentle nappy that breathes well, you and your baby are much more likely to get a good night’s sleep, so you can avoid tantrums in the day.


Dedicated Diaper Design

The most notable feature of Japanese nappies is that they have been assiduously considered in the design stage, so that they are practical and economical. Japanese nappies are designed to absorb fluid in such a way as to wick away from the surface and prevent lumps forming. This prevents your baby from being disturbed in sleep or irritated by poor design. Japanese nappies also include a fullness indicator so you don’t have to fish around or guess from the weight of the nappy as to what you might find inside.


Call of Nature

Japanese nappies often use natural materials to prevent irritation to the sensitive skin of newborn and young infants. If members of your family are prone to contact dermatitis or generally sensitive skin, you may wish to consider Japanese nappies and see if they prevent problems for your baby.

iBaby World stocks a range of Japanese nappy brands such as Merries, Goon, Moony and others, all of which we feel are a cut above the Australian alternatives. We have seen for ourselves and for our customers just how much more they do for a baby. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Why not try a pack of Japanese nappies for yourself and see what they can add to your baby’s life? We know you’ll see for yourself just how great they are.

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