Top 5 Baby Strollers

With so many strollers available, it can feel tricky deciding the right one for you. That’s why we’ve compiled an article exploring our top 5 baby strollers. We hope it’ll make your decision easier, and maybe even a bit fun!



Jane Twone Pram

The Jane Twone Pram is specifically designed to grow with your family. If you’re expecting one and hoping to have another in the future, the pram is perfect for you as it can change from a one-seater to a twin in seconds.

Being light and compact, it is perfect for travel use. It’s also available in a range of colours, so you can pick one that stands out to you.




Jane Epic Pram with Carrycot

Lightweight, sporty and dynamic define the Epic Pram. It’s versatile too: the seat can be detached and used as a carrycot, and the higher seat unit means it can also be used as a high chair when you need one.

Although it is lightweight, the Jane Epic Pram doesn’t compromise on safety or strength. Its tyres are 10 times more hard-wearing than traditional pram tyres, and its maximum protection hood is both water-repellent and windproof whilst also protecting against UV radiation.




Jane Crosswalk 4 Wheel Pram

The Jane Crosswalk 4 Wheel Pram was engineered with safety and versatility in mind. The easy-to-use multifunction seat features 3-position reclines, including parent-facing and forward-facing modes. The fabric is made with better breathability in mind, being waterproof and hard-wearing.

The wheels are especially delightful: they’re built with rougher terrains in mind, so you can feel comfortable taking your baby anywhere. Expect a smooth ride: the dual rear suspension with shock absorbers take care of that.




Jane Epic Pram

Shock absorbent, independent, with travel suspension on the rear wheels, the Jane Epic Pram is perfect for parents wanting versatility in a dynamic pram.

What really makes it pop are its automatically retracting rear wheels, which make it 10% more compact – so if you’re looking for an extremely compact folding system that doesn’t compromise on safety, take a closer look at the Jane Epic.





Uppababy Alta

Uppababy Alta is an extremely lightweight stroller. With a reversible seat and the ability to be paired with a carrycot, baby capsule or travel system, the Uppababy Alta Stroller fits needs that many parents have.

It also features new patent-pending tyres, which mimic the cushioned ride of air-filled tyres whilst combining the lightweight benefits that foam providers. Not only will they never go flat, but they also provide a great shock-absorbing performance. Best of all: the Uppababy Alta Stroller now includes a Bumper Bar too!

No matter what your day throws at you, the Uppabbay Alta can help you face it.



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No matter what you are looking for, iBaby World has a wide range of baby strollers available that can suit your needs. Feel free to browse our range of prams and strollers, and if you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you out.

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