Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

baby with baby clothes
For expectant parents or new parents, shopping for baby clothes is quite an exciting experience. It’s fun to select clothes in colours of your choice, with a picture in your mind of how your baby would look in the outfit. Parents get overjoyed assembling their baby’s wardrobe; some even get carried away with buying a fancy but expensive outfit.


While shopping for your baby, it’s vital that you keep certain things in mind. These would help you remain focused and less distracted by fancy accessories or cute baby shoes in Perth. Bear these tips in mind when next you go shopping for baby clothes in Perth.



While buying clothes for baby, comfort is one crucial factor you should bear in mind. Newborns have sensitive skin that could quickly react to the wrong choice of fabric; avoid materials with rough texture. Buy clothes from baby store Perth in materials that are breezy and would not discomfort your baby.


Simple Is Good

Keeping most of your baby’s clothes simple makes things comfortable for both you and your baby. Clothes with frills, ribbons and other fancy decorations look good but not something for everyday wear. When your baby is born, you would have to keep changing clothes a couple of times a day, opt for simple clothes you can easily take off without discomforting your baby.


cute baby in winter clothes


Consider the Weather

When shopping for clothes for your baby, keep the weather in mind. During the winter period, buy clothes that would keep your baby warm; as babies are prone to catching a cold quickly – avoid overlaying them though as it can cause overheating. For summer months, wear warm but comfortable outfits for your baby.


The Essentials

Some clothes are considered essentials for babies. When buying clothes for your baby, buy a lot of singlets as they come in handy for changing your baby when your baby drools, spits or barfs. Jumpsuits and onesies keep your baby warm and it’s easy to wear. Simple tops are comfortable for sleeping during the hot seasons; buy cardigans and jackets for colder months.


Quantity and Size

When buying clothes for your baby, especially newborns, avoid buying in large numbers. Babies tend to grow so fast and outgrow most of the garments you purchase – some without wearing. It’s best you buy in small quantities as your baby grows to avoid ending with a pile of unused clothes.


Buy Clothes in Sizes Slightly Bigger

A trick most parent device to ensure their babies wear clothes a bit longer is to purchase clothes in sizes a bit bigger than the baby’s actual size. Buying clothes in sizes a bit bigger than your baby’s actual size would not only ensure your baby wears the clothes longer but would also avoid the mistake of you buying a smaller size.


Buy Clothes That Launder Easily

Buying baby clothes that clean off easily makes things easy for you. Babies mess their garments often, and you would need to change their clothes frequently, which leaves you with a pile to wash often. Settle for clothes that would not retain stains and would be easy to clean.

Buying the right clothes for your baby should not be a problem with the tips listed above. 


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