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setting up baby nursery


With so many options available, planning a nursey can be a daunting task for soon to be parents. Let iBabyWorld be your destination for nursery furniture in Perth. We stock quality brands and have knowledgable staff able to answer your nursery questions. Whether establishing a new nursery or updating for a new addition to the family, iBabyWorld has all your nursery needs covered in WA.


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Creating the optimum sleeping zone

Sleep is crucial for your baby’s development. This is a critical time in which your baby grows, and it is important that your baby is able to get comfortable uninterrupted rest. In order for this to happen, you need to create a good place to sleep. Many parents start with a bassinet close to their own bed for the first weeks to months of their baby’s life. From here, your growing baby can be moved into a cot, either in the parents’ room or in the nursery. Once older, your child will transition from an enclosed cot to a small bed, low to the ground for their safety. Keeping all this in mind, convertible beds are becoming an increasingly popular choice for nursery furniture. Love N Care make two popular options that we carry, the 3 in 1 Sleigh Cot and the Vulu Cot. These convertible beds make the transition from newborn to toddler simple for you, and means one investment can last you years. Additionally, when the time comes it means you don’t have to make a trip out to get a new bed – you are prepared as soon as your little one is ready.



Changing Tables

Changing tables are a beneficial addition to any nursery. You want to make daily tasks with your baby as easy as possible, and a changing table is the perfect way to do that. They provide a place to change your baby at a convenient height, which means that you are comfortable while changing your baby, no longer bending to awkward heights and compromising your back. Additionally, the storage provided is invaluable – no need to go looking for items, as they can all be stored within arm’s reach.



Chests and Accessories

Chests and dressers are an efficient way to expand the storage space in your nursery. Available as part of many baby furniture collections, they can be purchased to match your existing nursery furniture, while storing essential extras, such as spare blankets, bedding, and clothing. Additional accessories for the nursey should not be forgotten, such as nightlights, lamps, and chairs. These touches will help make any space transition from a plain room into a warm lovely nursery.

iBabyWorld offers the best in nursery furniture in Perth. We stock high quality brands so you know your investment will last for years to come. Our helpful staff are available to discuss all your nursery needs and can provide valuable advice, tailored to your family, in order to make time spent with your child effortless. Contact iBabyWorld in Perth today for all of your nursery needs. 

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