Our Guide to Nursery Furniture


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How is any new parent supposed to know what a new nursery needs? It’s a difficult question to answer, and it’s especially stressful when you are pregnant!

Luckily, iBaby World has everything you need to complete any nursery, with a full range or nursery furniture for purchase. Let’s review some key pieces of furniture for any nursery.



Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Pink

The Cot

Obviously, your baby will need somewhere to sleep! It’s important to choose a good quality, safe and robust cot for your baby. We also recommend a cot that keeps your baby close to the ground, as this limits the opportunity for falling from the cot or crib to the absolute minimum.


Chest of Drawers/Dresser

You might be inclined to think that, since baby things are small, you won’t need much storage for all the baby stuff. Think again. Babies need clothes in a range of weights and purposes, a plethora of diapers, bottles, toys, blankets, changing tables…. The list goes on. Providing adequate storage for all this new material is absolutely crucial for your sanity, so ensure your nursery has a cupboard or dresser that can store what you need when you return from the hospital, but can handle the expansion of a wardrobe and a toy collection.


Changing Table

Unfortunately, babies do wear diapers for some time, and you will be changing them for some time. A changing table is specially designed to make this process as easy as possible for you and for your baby. We do recommend you consider investing in a changing table, as it will relieve stress on your back and limit the time spent changing diapers, meaning your baby is less likely to become impatient with the experience.



oricom secure premium digital baby colour monitor


We are fortunate to live in a time with such convenience around caring for your baby. iBaby World stocks a range of baby monitors to allow you to keep an eye on your child as they sleep. We provide monitors that can cast both sound and a video image to a remote monitor device, so you can feel confident of your baby’s activity even as you attend to other tasks and work.


Diaper Disposal

There will be many diapers, and the last thing you want is to wonder what to do with the dirty diaper while you try to manoeuvre the new diaper into place. iBaby World stocks specialised diaper caddies and pails to smoothen out the process of changing diapers for your family. It’s well worth investing in a diaper pail, as these are specially designed to enclose each diaper in a liner before releasing it into the larger liner, preventing unpleasant smells emerging.

Once you bring your new bundle of joy home, you don’t want to be thinking about whether or not you are equipped for all the daily baby tasks. Come visit our online store to see what we can do to complete your nursery and make your life as easy as possible.

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