Why You Should Be Buying Diapers in Bulk and Our Guide to Getting Started

Author: iBaby World  

It might seem like diapers are available everywhere, and it’s not a big deal to get more if you run out. It might also seem, if you have not had to buy them yet, there isn’t much difference between one diaper and the next. We’re here to tell you, that couldn’t be further from the truth!

At iBaby World, we have years of experience and exposure to all the brands and designs of diapers that exist on the market. If there are two things we know, they are that no one ever wants to run out of diapers, and there are plenty of diapers you want to avoid. We strongly recommend that new mums and dads find a diaper that works for their child, stick with it, and buy in bulk to avoid disaster. Here’s why.


Saving Time

If new parents are short on anything, it’s time. A new baby is a round the clock responsibility, and even with two people on the job, it is a hectic time, and your time is precious. The last thing you want to be doing is racing out to the shops to buy more diapers, only to discover the shop is shut or they’ve run out. And even if you do find what you need, you might still get stuck waiting in the checkout line while a disaster is brewing at home. You can easily avoid this scenario by buying the diapers in bulk. Yes, it’s a bigger outlay upfront, but you will definitely use them!


Saving Money

Often buying in bulk means you save money in the long run. Larger cases of diapers are cheaper than smaller ones, and the more you buy, the more you save. But there’s also the hidden saving of the petrol you would expend going to the shops to buy diapers every time. It is much more efficient to purchase a bigger amount upfront.


How to stock up on diapers

The general number for diapers requires is 2500 per year, which is about 7 per day. This is higher earlier on, perhaps 10-12 to start, and decrease as your baby gets older. But you can see how quickly babies run through diapers, and how important it is to ensure you have enough at all times. It’s therefore important to keep a good stock up. By then end of ten days, you may well have been through 100 diapers, so you should purchase at least this number on every occasion that you purchase.

Keep an eye also on how your baby grows, as the size zero diapers for newborns will not continue to fit. So while stocking up is necessary, keep in mind that you may need to quickly transition to a bigger size. At iBaby World, we can help you navigate this process and provide you with the right sizing of high quality diapers in the right quantities. Come in and see us for more expert advice on the best diaper buys for your precious one.

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