When Should I Move My Child From a Crib to a Bed?

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While infancy and childhood milestones are well known – opening eyes, first tooth, first solid food, first steps – it can be tricky to know how and when to prepare for these moments. But there are moments that are less well-considered, but require more preparation from parents, and moving a child from the crib or cot to a bed is a great example. There are guides to the times when children are likely to show signs of being ready, but children may be early or late, so it’s good to know beforehand how to prepare so you can hit the baby furniture stores early.


When will my child be ready to move from a crib to a bed?

Obviously, no two children are the same, and some may appear to be ready earlier, and some later. But you can expect the signs of readiness to appear between roughly 2.5 and 3 years of age, but don’t be alarmed if it happens earlier or later. You may also find that boys show signs later than girls. And even if they show the signs of being ready, it may still be wise to keep them in the crib for longer, as they may psychologically be preparing, but physically may not yet be able to manage getting in and out of a bed or understand the risk of falling out of bed.


What are the signs of readiness to move from crib to bed?

The classic signs of a child beginning to be ready for a bed are: your child is climbing out of the cot, and your child is reasonably toilet trained. It may seem obvious but, if your child is no longer in diapers, then they need access to the toilet at night, or they need to be able to come and get you for help going to the toilet. They won’t be able to do this from a crib, so they need to be in a bed when they are not in diapers. We always recommend covering a new child’s bed with a waterproof mattress cover to protect the bed through the transition from diapers to toilet use.

Equally, if your child is trying to climb out of the cot, then you should seriously consider moving them to a bed. If a child is able to coordinate these movements, then they are showing signs of being physically aware enough to manage a bed, but also are putting themselves at risk every time they try to leave the cot. While falling out of a bed is unpleasant, a child falling head first from the rails of a cot will almost certainly be worse.

Wherever you have concerns about your baby’s safety or health in these times, we recommend discussing these stages with your community nurse or GP.


Taking care of your child’s needs 

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