Types of Baby Clothes Every Mum Should Have

If you’re a new mother, or an experienced mother who’s recently moved to Perth, it can be tricky to work out what are the essential wardrobe components for your newest family member. How do you know what your baby will need for summer and winter in Perth, and how will their needs change as they grow?

iBabyWorld has experience providing baby clothes essentials for new parents so they can feel confident they have everything they need to keep their precious new child warm in winter, cool in summer, and always comfortable. Here’s our list of essential baby clothes for every Mum to know about.



In the earliest stage of life, your baby will spend the majority of time in a romper. These single outfits are designed to make your baby comfortable, but to limit their ability to wriggle out of it! They are also made to make it easy for you to change nappies. We recommend you stock up on rompers, with a few extra for the inevitable food or toilet accidents that happen early on. 

Milky Stars Romper 0-3M



This is the pyjama equivalent in baby clothes terms. These are often designed with included booties to keep the delicate little toes warm, and to make sleeping as comfortable as possible. The last thing you want is your baby waking up in the night due to uncomfortable sleepwear!
















If you’re wondering whether you need separate sleepwear to day rompers, we do advise that babies sleep in different clothes to their daywear. Clothes can pick up dirt and bacteria through the day that is best kept out of the cot.



Perth is known for being hot, so it is definitely important to protect your baby’s delicate skin with a few good, wide brimmed hats to keep the sun off their face. It’s a good idea to buy a few so you can wash them regularly, as the buildup of dirt and oils can irritate the skin.

But it is also important that you can some hats for the colder weather. While Perth certainly isn’t Alaska, your baby does not have the same ability to keep warm that you have, so you should have a beanie or two for even just those cooler winter winds.



Just as you need to keep baby’s head warm, those toes need to stay warm too on outings during the cooler months. Be sure to have a few good pairs of warm socks so the toes are cosy.



There’s no way of knowing how quickly your baby will grow, so it’s important to stay ahead of their curve with a few pieces in the size or two up from their current size. The last thing you want is to find yourself with a growing baby and no clothes for them. So plan ahead!

If you have any questions about baby clothes for your baby’s life in Perth, come in and see us at iBabyWorld. We’re happy to help you get things just right for the best start to life for your baby.

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