Setting up Baby’s nursery

Nesting can be a fun and exciting project, helping you prepare for when Baby arrives. However, there is an endless list of items and furniture you could include in your nursery, which can quickly make the whole process overwhelming. If you’re looking for nursery furniture, WA store iBabyWorld is where you should go. iBabyWorld understand how stressful setting up a nursery can be when you first start looking for nursery furniture, and that is why they have created a handy go-to guide on what to get.


Will your nursery have a theme? 


Themes are a great way to help you decide what type of furniture you want to include in your baby’s nursery, but how do you choose a theme? It can be useful to brainstorm themes by basing your brainstorm around a piece of furniture or a sentimental item which you would like to include in the nursery. A theme can also help you decide on a colour theme and style for your nursery.


Nursery furniture


If you are unsure where to find quality nursery furniture, Perth store iBabyWorld is your one-stop-shop. They have a fantastic range of nursery items which you can browse by clicking on the link



The cot and bedding are significant items in your baby’s nursery because that is where your baby will spend most of their time. It is so vital that the cot is steady, and firm and the bedding is soft and cuddly as you want to create a comfortable environment for your baby. Browse iBabyWorld’s range of nursery bedding here:


Changing tables

A changing table is another key piece of furniture for your nursery. When you are looking at cots and changing tables, you should also consider the set-up of the room and what other furniture will work best for you in a practical sense.


Buy a comfortable chair

Finding a comfortable chair for you to nurse in should be high on your priority list as you will spend long hours in this chair so it is important that you feel comfortable, so you and baby can relax.


Plenty of storage

Toys, clothes and other bits and bobs can quickly accumulate when you have a baby. You will soon realise that the more storage you have, the better and the best types of storage is storage which is easily accessible.


Soft lighting

A lamp with a dimmer will become your new best friend as these are perfect for night-time feeds, and when you want to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for you and your baby.


Why choose iBabyWorld?

If you are looking for the best store to buy your nursery furniture and storage for your baby clothing, Perth shop iBabyWorld is the place for you. This trusted business stocks a diverse range of high-quality brands and seek to help you with this exciting time in your life. For more information about the store and their excellent range, contact the team by clicking on the link

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