How to Dress Your Newborn

Author: iBaby World  

Your bundle of joy has arrived, and now you have the pleasure and privilege of loving and caring for them for years to come. Arguably, the first few years of life are the hardest, as they cannot tell you what they need or want. They will not be able to tell you (for a good while at least) whether they are hot or cold, tired or hungry, or even happy. So the important task for parents is intuiting the needs of your baby.


Hot or Cold Baby


When it comes to dressing your newborn, it is important to consider the general ambient temperature in your home, and in the general Perth environment. If your home is generally on the cool side, you may wish to consider warmer clothing.


Certainly when leaving the house in the cooler months, you will need to ensure your baby is adequately dressed, including a hat. Babies are small, there is not very much of them that can retain heat, plus they are not as efficient at regulating their core temperature as adults. So it’s important to keep their skin covered in the winter, to protect them from getting cold. 




In summer, it’s important to prevent them from overheating in overly heavy clothes, but also to keep in mind their sun exposure. Babies are sensitive to sunburn, and especially being small, even a small burn can have a significant effect. If you dress your child in sleeveless onesies in the summer, just be careful to slip slop slap!


Gentle Dressing


If you are uncertain about any aspect of dressing your baby, we highly recommend a quick trip to YouTube to view a video or two. Or if you have friends whose parenting you admire, don’t hesitate to ask for their advice. Most parents are delighted to help others out. But the key theme of dressing your newborn in their new clothes is being gentle. This may seem obvious, but when handling a new baby, it may not be apparent what gentle techniques will be most successful.



Firstly, try to protect their face when pulling clothes over their head. It is best to put clothes on by starting at head, putting the head through the hole while pulling the clothing away from the face and down, ensuring you don’t squash or rub any part of their delicate features. (To remove the clothing, do the reverse and pull away from the face, then up and over the head.) To get little arms through little sleeves and pant legs, try bunching the sleeve up like a stocking, and then gently guiding the arm (or leg) through. Pulling a limb through will likely trigger a reflex of pulling back, so this is likely to be less successful than pushing gently through.




Babies are generally pretty easy to dress, but as they get older they may become less patient with the experience and wriggle and writhe. iBaby World recommends arming yourself with toys, mobiles or even a good range of songs and dances to keep your baby distracted while you get them ready for the world.



If you’d like to learn more about how best to dress your newborn, come in and see us at our Perth store. We’re always happy to show you how best to use our clothes for your child.


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