How to Baby Proof Your Home

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It’s often difficult to know where to start with baby proofing your home. It can seem daunting if you’re a new parent, as your child’s safety is your number one priority, and you don’t want to make a mistake or forget something important where safety is concerned. At iBaby World, we are a store that cares about your baby the way you do. We know how stressful that can be, so here we have compiled a list of the crucial elements of baby proofing your home for your child. 


You First!

While your baby’s safety is important, your safety is too. Without you, your baby will not thrive, so your safety needs to be considered too. Make sure you have carbon monoxide detectors installed where you have appliances that require them, and make sure your smoke detectors are working properly. Make sure your home has no loose boards or steps that may cause you or your baby harm, and put non-slip mats under all rugs in the home. You may also want to consider limiting the temperature of your water heater. This is important for your baby, but also for you.



Little fingers and little mouths

A baby’s fingers and mouth are hugely important for their learning and their development of a relationship with the world. While this is normal and healthy, many things around the normal household are not amenable to being in little mouths or having fingers poked into them. Ensure all electrical sockets are covered or are out of reach, make sure paint does not chip off.

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The big one

Of course, famously, babies like to get into cupboards and drawers that are not meant for them. This is where you need to carefully go through your home and identify storage that need child safety mechanisms like straps, door locks and cabinet locks that will keep curiosity at bay. It is also important as a child begins to walk to keep the toilet safe with a lock. Be very thorough with your child safety on storage, as your child will get the chance to test every door and drawer in your house in their terrible twos! And of course, beware of sharp edges on coffee tables and benches that might do harm to a toddler running at full speed. If you think stubbing your toe hurts, imagine what it feels like for your child!


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The Kitchen

The kitchen is full of exciting smells and sights for a child, but that can be very dangerous too. Consider locking the bin and fridge, get knob covers for stoves, especially those with open flame burners. You may want to avoid using table clothes for a while, as these are easily tugged down to cause major havoc in the home. Make sure knives and chemicals are safely stored in locked cabinets, appliances cannot be operated and are unplugged while unsupervised. And of course, keep the breakables at a distance.


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Need more advice?

Not to worry! iBaby World has many years of experience helping new parents prepare their homes. Our Perth online baby store has everything you’ll need to get ready. Come and visit us today to get everything you’ll need!


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