Christmas gift ideas: Baby gifts

Are you unsure what type of gift to buy a baby and where to get baby gifts online? Perth store iBabyWorld has you covered with a wide range of baby gifts.  Take a look online at the wide range of kids toys Perth store iBabyWorld has to offer at


0 to 3 months


Rattles are fantastic for a newborn to play with as they are an easy way to entertain a newborn and the shaking of the toy encourages fine motor skills.


Plush blankets

Plush blankets are handy as they help calm babies as they are cuddly and provide a source of comfort, which is especially important for newborns.


3 to 6 months

Sensory toys

Babies in this age group are often curious about different textures which mean toys which rattle, have different textures, such as bumps or are made from different materials are fun gifts as they introduce sounds and textures which stimulate their senses.


Interactive activity books

Interactive activity books are a simple way to entertain a baby. These books are often soft and have bits you can pull and doors or windows you can open and close. Some of these books also have materials they can touch or scratch.


Teething toys

At this age, babies are generally teething, which means they want to put things in their mouth. This must not be an object with harmful chemicals or sharp edges, making a teething toy a perfect gift.


6 to 9 months

Problem-solving toys

Babies at this age want to touch and move things around. This makes stacking toys or toys which you put in and take out of things endlessly entertaining and safe for them to play with.


9 to 12 months

“Pull back” toys

Toys which have an added feature, such as a car which moves once it’s been pulled back are hugely enjoyable for babies at this age as this encourages them to move around.



Christmas gift for all ages



Clothing is a useful present at whatever age but check with the parents first to find out what they already and what size the baby is. Baby shoes are also a very useful present, but if you are having a difficult time finding baby shoes, Perth baby shop iBabyWorld has a range of shoes you should check out



Backpacks are not only fun but can be useful for days out or keeping a baby’s favourite toys in. If you are looking for kids’ backpacks, Perth store iBabyWorld has you covered with a variety of soft and durable bags.



Gift ideas for Mum

Now with all this gift-giving, we can’t forget about mum! iBabyWorld has a whole section dedicated to gifts for mum, ranging from facial gels to makeup which means shopping for mum is easier than ever.


Why you should choose iBabyWorld

iBabyWorld stocks a vast array of gifts for babies of all ages and mums too which makes buying presents for Christmas very straightforward. Contact iBabyWorld today on

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