Buying for your Baby – What do you really need?

Welcoming a baby into your home takes some preparation, and it can be tricky trying to determine everything you need to purchase. Here at iBabyWorld, we have the experience to guide you through all your baby shopping decisions, so you are ready for your little one when they arrive.



Nappies and Wipes

Investing in high quality nappies and wipes will make changing time a breeze while keeping your baby clean and comfortable. iBabyWorld carries imported Japanese nappies, which are recognised worldwide for their quality. Offering Moonies, Merries, and Goon brand nappies and wipes, we are able to cover your baby’s bottom from newborn through to toilet training. Just don’t forget the diaper bag! Available in over-the-shoulder and backpack styles, our diaper bags have been designed with your needs in mind.



Toshi Bedding and Blankets


The Nursery

The nursery should be a comfortable place for you and your baby, and a well laid out nursery will allow you to focus more attention on your little one. We offer a wide range of bedding and blankets from Toshi, a well-known manufacturer of quality goods. These 100% cotton sheets provide comfort for your baby, and are available in a range of patterns to suit your style. We also offer storage boxes, diaper pails, and nightlights to provide the finishing touches in your nursery.




Baby Furniture

Your baby’s cot is often the focal point of the nursery, and, as such, is one of the bigger purchases when selecting baby furniture. Many parents choose to select a convertible cot, which transforms into a junior bed when your toddler is ready. This option offers lasting investment and convenience for parents. A changing table is another useful piece of furniture, providing a designated area for changing at a comfortable height (easy on your back) with all the necessary items close by in the drawers and shelves. Further storage space is gained from chests and dressers, and are offered as part of many baby furniture collections. This means your nursery can have a clean style, while adding space for spare blankets, bedding, and clothes.




Baby Car Seats

Your child’s safety is of paramount importance, and the proper car seat for your baby’s size and age is essential. iBabyWorld offers car seats the provide security for your child while in the car, and convenience for you when transporting your baby outside of the car. We highly recommend the “Babylove Snap ‘n Go” system for all parents. Your baby rests in the infant carrier, which you are able to simply separate from the base. This means that you don’t have to adjust seatbelts each time, simply unsnap the carrier from the base and take your child out of the car, still resting in their seat.



Jane Epic Pram with Carrycot


Prams and Strollers

A pram is a major investment for your little one, so it’s important you have a high-quality pram that will last for years. Advancements in wheel design have created smoother, quieter rides. Combination pram and carry cot options are also available, for maximum versatility. Contact iBabyWorld today, your baby shop in Perth for all your pram needs.

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