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High-Quality Japanese Nappies

A high quality, easy to use nappy is a parent’s best friend. A good nappy should be durable, comfortable for your child, and effective, all while keeping your little one dry and clean. For this reason, Japanese nappies have earned their reputation as some of the best nappies you can find. Two of the biggest Japanese brands, Moony nappies and Merries nappies, are becoming increasingly popular here in Perth, and it’s easy to see why. Comfortable materials, innovative details, and advanced designs are standard in these nappies.


moony nappy 84pcs

Moony Nappies

Considered one of the most popular nappy brands in Japan, Moony nappies have been leading the way in nappy design for years. They are one of the thinnest nappies available – meaning less bulk and a better fit under clothes. They still provide exceptional absorbency due to advances in the lining. By using a highly absorbent core, these nappies are able to quickly draw moisture and wetness away from your baby’s skin, keeping them dry and comfortable. The outer layer of the nappy is made from a soft material that allows increased flexibility, and, therefore, a better fit, reducing the worry of rubbing or chaffing on your baby’s legs and hips.



Merries Nappies

Merries Nappies offer all of the features parents have come to expect from Japanese nappies. They are highly absorbent, featuring a unique dual channel absorbent core which works to quickly pull urine away from contact with your baby’s skin. Additionally, a system has been developed to keep wet poos away from your baby’s sensitive skin by trapping them in depressions in the unique absorbent core.  The thin design provides a flexible fit, decreasing the chance for leaks and keeping your little one comfortable by not pinching the skin. Available in cute playful patterns, Merries nappies are a reliable choice.



goon nappies

Goo.n Nappies

Goo.n nappies are also rising in popularity among parents. Just as thin and absorbent as Japanese nappies are known to be, Goo.n nappies are leading the way with their velvety smooth materials. This softness is the key to keeping a happy baby, sitting comfortably against your baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. If you upgrade to the Goo.n premium line you will find even greater softness due the additional Vitamin E, effectively calming and soothing your baby’s skin. A wetness indicator helps to identify time for a change without removing the nappy, and iBabyWorld carries the newest range with odour control protection.

Japanese nappies are widely recognised as some of the top quality nappies in the world, and used to be quite difficult to obtain outside of Japan. We here at iBabyWorld want the best for your baby, which is why we not only have these nappies available for order online, but also in stock in our baby store in Perth. We carry the entire range, from newborn to toddler sizes. Come in today to see the difference for yourself, and talk to our educated staff about Moony nappies and Merries nappies, and the improvement they can make for your family.

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