iBabyWorld's top picks for pram attachments

Better to be safe than sorry – no parent wants to be caught without something they really need. Whether it’s a pram bottle holder or an attachable pram toy, we’ve got you covered.


Stroller Organiser

You only have two hands – and one of them might be holding a baby. That’s why stroller organisers are so helpful. They help everything important to stay within easy reach, so whether you need to grab your keys, your phone, or a drink, it’ll all be right there.

For a stroller organiser that can hold a variety of items, including hot and cold beverages, look no further than the Skip Hop Stroller Organizer Platinum.

This stroller organiser fits most stroller bags and handles, and includes a detachable wristlet, as well as a headphone port. Its open back-pocket lets you easily access items and its study neoprene material means it can last you through your easy and rough days. Best of all – it’s machine-washable.


Pram Bottle Holders

Adding a pram bottle holder is a great way to free up space and decrease spillage. It can also help foster independence, as many pram bottle holders will be capable of being paired with a variety of kids’ drink bottles.


Attachable Pram Toys

Keep your kids entertained on the go with attachable pram toys. Best of all, they can’t get dropped or lost, and you won’t have to constantly pick them up from the floor and worry about disinfecting them before returning them to your baby.

Many attachable pram toys are designed to assist with your baby’s development, with the bright colours helping with your child’s colour recognition, and the sounds helping with tactile and auditory stimulation.


Pram Pegs & Hooks

Help shade your baby from the weather and allow them a better sleep while you’re out and about with pram pegs and hooks. They’re a creative way to attach your muslin or other items to your pram.

We’re big fans of the All4Ella pram pegs. They’re available in packs of 2 or 4 clips, and a range of colours. You can even get them as a package with a set of muslin wraps, making them a great gift for a new baby or at a baby shower!


Stroller Liners

We can all agree that kids are messy, and no matter what we do, spills and accidents are bound to happen. That’s where stroller liners come in handy. They protect prams and strollers from dirt and damage, increasing the longevity of your pram and stroller, and decreasing the wear-and-tear that happens with kids. Most are machine-washable, making them easy to clean.

At iBabyWorld, we offer Cuddleco Memory Foam Stroller Liners, which not only protect your pram from damage but also add comfort for your baby.


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