How to Create a Baby Safe Play Room


three babies playing in a playroom


Inspiring and stimulating a young mind is a crucial aspect of development. Infants need to be exposed to a variety of different colours, sounds, shapes and experiences in order for their brains to mature and grow. The trick is balancing the new and challenging with the comfortable, and the adventures with safety. There is an art to creating an exciting but safe environment for your child to play and learn, and iBaby World is here to help you by providing everything you need to make the best and safest nursery possible.


What makes a play room safe?

Infants and toddlers are constantly learning about the world, which means they are always trying out new things. While this is a totally normal and healthy display of curiosity and interest, it can get them into trouble. As a parent, it is important to see the world from their perspective and with their curiosity. A safe play room or nursery is one that has been carefully reviewed for any fundamental structural danger, the interaction of toys or furniture to create a hazard, or anything that might cause a curious child to get into trouble. In essence, making a safe play room is occupational health and safety, where the occupation is baby.


What should you look for?

When you come to furnish and decorate your nursery or play room, consider if there is anything structural or fundamental to the room like electrical sockets, curtain cords, skirting board splinters, errant carpet tacks, or any signs of mould. It is worthwhile taking the time early on to examine the nursery for any signs of danger, and continue at each level of furnishing. Ensure the cot is away from any curtain or blind mechanisms that can be attractive toys but may also be harmful.

When you select a cot, bassinet, high chair, night light, or any other nursery furniture, ensure that there are no spaces for little fingers or toes to get stuck, no failure points that will put your baby at risk, and no way for a gregarious child to make an escape attempt. iBaby World stocks a large range of nursery furniture that is specially designed to protect your child from harm, so when you buy from us you have the benefit of peace of mind.

It is also important to continually reevaluate your nursery for emerging dangers as your child grows in size and strength. Where a child under 1 year will not be able to dislodge power socket covers, An older toddler very well may, so you need to observe your child moving around the play room and see where hazards may develop.


Creating a Safe Play Room with iBaby World

If you’re a new parent in Perth, iBaby World can provide you with an excellent array of nursery and play room furniture and accessories. We will help you create a safe but fun environment for your child to learn and grow happily and healthily.

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