How to Choose Your Baby’s Car Seat


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The safety of your child is of paramount importance. Nothing has a higher priority for a parent than ensuring their child is not in danger, especially in the crucial first months of life. So choosing a car seat that protects your child from harm is a major decision for any parent, and we at iBaby World understand this. We want you to feel comfortable and confident with any car seat that you select from us, so we will spend our time making sure you feel good about your choice.

Let’s look at some features and styles of baby car seat and review their safety and functionality.


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Capsule Car Seats

In the early months of life, before 6 months, it is legally required that infants are placed in a rear facing capsule style car seat, such as the Infasecure Arlo Deluxe. This style of car seat ensures your child is not subject to potential damaging forces in the event of a sudden stop, as their momentum will move with the car, rather than against it. These often also have the advantage of being able to act as carriers for a baby, allowing you to move swiftly from car to house without fussing with a third vehicle.


Forward facing Car Seat

After six months of age, you may transition your child to a forward facing or reversible car seat for travel. This will allow your developing child to see the world, but also provides a six point harness to keep them safely in place throughout your journeys. These car seats can be used until your baby is four years old or more, depending on their size. What’s important is to ensure that the harness continues to fit them and therefore protect them from harm.


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Convertibles and Reversibles

It is possible to purchase reversible car seats that allow you to transition your child from rear facing to forward facing without investing in a whole new seat. iBaby World stocks various convertible models, such as the Babylove Ezy Combo Convertible. However, if you find that this seat does not suit you for some reason, you may now feel obliged to use it, even if it doesn’t quite match your child’s needs. Purchasing separate forward and rear facing seats allows you to adapt to the situation as it unfolds.



You may be wondering how all these contraptions are supposed to stay put in your car. Luckily, car manufacturers have cooperated to produce a standardised mode of connection for baby seats called ISOFIX. Almost all newer cars are fitted with the Isofix system, so you can either check your car manual, or check the rear passenger seats for the characteristic metal loops that allow you to connect a car seat for your baby.

iBaby World takes your baby’s safety seriously, so feel free to give us a call or come in and see us in our Perth store to discuss the right baby car seat for your family.

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