Finding The Best Kids’ Backpacks


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How to Choose the Best Kids’ Backpack

A good versatile backpack is crucial to buy as part of your back-to-school shopping list. When shopping for an ideal backpack, however, you need to consider practicality and build alongside the design your child asks for.


Find the Right Shoulder Straps

Considering that one in three school students suffers from back and neck pain, this is an important aspect to consider. One-strap messenger bags and narrow straps are known for putting too much pressure on one side of the body, adding to potential tension and pain.

Wide, padded shoulder straps, however, help distribute the weight evenly for your child. Some wide padded backpacks even come with a waist or chest strap which adds the opportunity of extra support.

Once you find a backpack with good shoulder straps, adjust the straps for your child. Ensure the pack doesn’t tilt down and is instead a snug fit around the body.


Right Amount of Padding

Padding helps take the pressure off your child’s back and adds some support. Preferably, the back panel and shoulder straps should be padded with foam that does not easily pop or crinkle.

When selecting a backpack, you should look for padding that is comfortable, supportive and durable. If you pinch it and it rebounds to its original shape, it will be a good choice for your child.


Enough Room for the Essentials

Just as Goldilocks wanted the perfect temperature, you are looking for a backpack with a perfect amount of storage. It is important that the backpack can comfortably fit your child’s classroom essentials. Some backpacks even have zippered pockets for easy access to items like phones and ID cards, which is ideal for an older student.

If your child will be carrying a laptop with them, a padded compartment will help ease the load and add safety.


The Right Size

Bigger is not always better. The backpack has to be the right size for your child’s back and shoulders, to ensure that the proper muscles support the weight of the bag. The best way to do this is to let your child try on the backpack and see how it sits on their back.


Playground Safe

Kids run around and play a lot. They take public transport, move from class to class, and will likely throw it around every now and again.

When you purchase a backpack, you should take this into consideration. The bag needs to be sturdy and made of firm material to prevent easy tearing. The base of the backpack should be reinforced and abrasive-resistant.

In preparation for the Australian winter, the bag should also be water-resistant.


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