Essential Baby Clothes to Buy for your Bub


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If you’re a prospective new parent, it can be difficult to guess what kind of clothes your baby will need, and how many sets of clothing will make a complete baby wardrobe. The first days after bringing your baby home are so special and unique, not to mention intense, the last thing you want to be doing is worrying about whether you have enough clothes in the cupboard, and whether or not they suit your baby’s needs. iBaby World is here to help. Let’s look through the basics of baby clothes, which baby clothes you’ll need, how many, and what sizes.


Baby Clothing Basics

iBaby World recommends waiting until your baby is born before buying up big, but once you have brought your bundle of joy home, we recommend buying enough basic sets of clothing to get you through a week. That will likely be a mix of singlets, playsuits/onesies/growsuits, socks and hats. Consider buying in all natural materials like cotton too, as these are least likely to cause irritations to your baby’s delicate skin.


What Baby Clothes to Buy?

Just like big people, little people have preferences about which clothes they like and which they don’t. These will become obvious over time, especially as your baby grows and begins to assert his or herself. But until this happens, iBaby World recommends that you consider these few things when you purchase baby clothes:


Will you, or they, hate it?

While it can be great fun to dress up your child in the latest fashion, in the earliest years it’s best to keep things simple. Overly elaborate baby clothes can be uncomfortable and distressing, but not only that. If you are taking lots of photos of your baby, you need to keep in mind that, at some point the future your child will see how you dressed them! You might want to keep the embarrassment levels to a minimum.


Fire Safety and Hygienic Materials

The most important feature of your baby’s clothing must be that it keeps your baby safe and healthy. It’s important to ensure your baby’s clothing is fire resistant and low allergen, meaning it’s best to select natural fibres like cotton or wool. Viscose is a semi-natural material, being made from natural wood pulp fibres, but it behaves in many ways like an artificially manufactured material, in that it can absorb body oils and moisture. iBaby World suggests that cotton and wool are best suited to babies in Perth, where temperatures can be cold in the winter, and very warm in summer.


Be Prepared for More

Whatever you buy for your baby, prepare to buy more, and quickly. Babies are in the business of growing, so nothing you buy will get much more use than a few months. This is another reason to stick with the basics in the first year of life, as you’ll get minimal use out of elaborate costumes, though the photos may last a lot longer!


iBaby World’s Range

Whatever your needs are for your infant, or even if you’re not sure what you need for your baby, iBaby World has a wonderful range of brands and clothes that are sure to suit your situation. Please come in and visit us so we can show you what we have to offer!

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