Choosing the Best Pram for Your Baby


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Prams come in a dizzying array of styles, features and sizes, and it can be very difficult to know what your needs will be as you move through the world with your new baby. iBaby World has a select range of prams that we think are the best on the market for our customers. We try to make the purchase pain free by ruling out some of the prams that don’t impress us, and offering only the best.

Here is a review of some things you might consider when selecting a pram for your baby.


Safety First

The primary concern for parents is making sure any baby product is safe for their child. So consider whether any pram is equipped with an adequate safety harness that will prevent your child from putting themselves in harm’s way. Also be sure that the pram itself is made well and will stand up to multiple and regular uses, so that you don’t find yourself collapsed in the middle of a street with a crying baby and a pram in pieces. This is an occasion on which it is important to buy a quality product.


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Where Will You Go and What Will You Do?

Just as you don’t use a tank for city driving, you don’t need to select a large, heavy pram with rugged wheels if you’re likely to take your baby on shorter trips to a café or the shops. Consider what you expect to be doing. Will you go into parks and on unsealed tracks? You might consider inflatable tyres on your pram. Do you plan to jog or run with your baby? Consider a lighter, narrower model of pram.

But the features and functionality of prams varies widely. You may find prams with cup holders, rear or front suspension, shade for your child, extra storage…. The list is long. At iBaby World, we suggest that you take some time to consider where you plan to go with your new baby, what you plan to do, and how long these trips will be in order to adequately plan how much you will need from your pram, and select accordingly.


How Long do You Intend to Use the Pram for?

Your baby will naturally grow over time, so if you select a pram that is suited for babies under six months, this will obviously have a shorter lifespan in your life than a more flexible pram. However, a change in prams does offer you the opportunity to evaluate what you personally liked and didn’t like about the first pram, and make a more informed decision when you select a new pram for the next stage of your baby’s life. It is worth keeping in mind that, if you plan to have more children, these prams do not in fact have one lifespan, but two, which changes the financial considerations somewhat.


iBaby World Prams

If you need help making the big pram decision, come in and see us at iBaby World in Perth. We are your local store for all your baby needs, and we have a wealth of knowledge we can share with you about selecting a pram that will work for you.

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