Choosing the best nappies for your baby

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Japanese nappies

iBabyWorld specialises in Japanese nappies, specifically Moony nappies and Merries nappies, two of the most popular nappy brands in Japan. Moony nappies and Merries nappies are both great for no leakage, and Merries nappies are known for their excellent ventilation system, which helps prevent nappy rash. Merries nappies are also extremely difficult to find so if you are looking for Japanese nappies, Perth shop iBabyWorld is the place to visit, simply click on the link


Cloth vs disposable nappies

Cloth nappies are generally made of materials such as cotton, hemp or bamboo as these fabrics absorb liquids well. Depending on the type of cloth nappy you buy, they can be a bit bulky and do work best when a leak-proof cover is also worn over the top of the nappy. Cloth nappies do require a lot more work to wash and dry them before each use; however, it is significantly cheaper to use cloth nappies instead of disposables. Cloth nappies are also much more environmentally friendly. >

Disposable nappies usually have an outer layer made of plastic and a layer of absorbent chemicals and then an inner liner. Disposable nappies are most often used because they are quick to put on and are much more convenient as you don’t need to clean them after every use. If you are worried about running out of nappies, you can buy baby diapers online in bulk from iBabyWorld.


Nappy changing tips

One of the most important things you need to consider when changing your baby’s nappy is that you are in a safe changing area, where your baby won’t roll away or grab anything dangerous such as nappy pins. Another handy tip is to have everything you need for the nappy change within arm’s reach, so you don’t have to leave your baby mid change.


Nappy accessories

There are endless nappy accessories on the market and whilst you don’t need all of them, here are some handy accessories which will make changing nappies much more manageable. Wipes are a must as they help clean your baby’s bottom, anti-nappy rash creams and powders are also beneficial to prevent putting your baby in discomfort. Changing tables or pads also make the process much easier and nappy bags are great for outings and when you need all your products in one place.


Why you should choose iBabyWorld

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