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gift ideas for babies


Proud grandparents, aunts and uncles, (even the non-related kind!) often find themselves in the awkward situation of buying a gift for a baby they’ve never met. For those who’ve never had kids of their own, it can be especially daunting to select a present from the wide array of baby toys and books on the market.

Not to worry, iBaby World can help you make the best choice for your baby beneficiary. But before we discuss the different options, take a minute to think about the parents of the baby. What are their priorities? Is there something they need or want? Do they place value in education and development, stimulation, natural materials? Giving some consideration to the style of parenting your friends or family members are likely to take will be a huge help in guiding your gift selection.


skip hop treehop friends activity gym


Activity Centres

Babies develop quickly and need a lot of stimulation to keep their brains developing and adapting to the environment. Activity centres provide a variety of sounds and sights in different combinations, often in response to touch or sound from the baby. This is an important way for a baby to learn about the world, but can also be a great way to keep a baby occupied (supervised of course) while parents can see to their other needs like food, washing and so on. These are a great gift because they have a long period of use in the baby’s life, and every parent appreciates a gift that occupies their child’s mind. A great example of this is the Skip Hop Treetop Activity Centre.


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Interactive Toys

These toys are specially designed to include colour and movement, which draw the attention of children. Many toys also have a simple puzzle element that teaches infants about the interrelationship of objects in space. A variety of these toys in a child’s life allows them to develop important problem solving skills in a fun and colourful package. When buying an interactive toy, you know you will be contributing to the child’s development for the future.


Bath Time Toys

Many babies and infants are not that keen on bath time, or they can take this opportunity to act out and cause havoc for new parents. A good arsenal of bath toys can keep a baby distracted and happy while parents keep them clean and neat. iBaby World has a range of bath toys that will stimulate a child for months of bath time. The Boon brand toys, such as the Pipes Building Set will add hours of fun to bath time for any child and take the stress out of bathing for parents.

iBaby World can provide you with excellent options for gifts for any new parent and baby in your life. Feel free to come see us in store, or see what we have available online to purchase. Our range of toys, books and puzzles will be a welcome addition to any new baby’s home!

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