Babylove vs InfaSecure Booster Seats: Which one should you get?

With so many booster seats available, it can be tricky to come to a decision about which to pick up. In this article, we explore Babylove and InfaSecure Booster Seats, to help you work out which would be better for your needs.


How to choose the best booster seat

In Australia, there are rules regarding booster seats, specifically relating to height and age. By approximately the age of four, a child must be seated in a forward-facing approved child restraint. This remains until ages seven or eight, depending on their shoulder height.

That still leaves you with plenty of choices available. You might wish to consider car compatibility, as well as ease of cleaning when choosing a booster seat for your child. After all – kids of all ages can get messy!


Babylove Booster Seat

BabyLove has a variety of available booster seats, with seats for newborns right through to eight-year-olds. The seat for you would depend on the age of your child and your preferences – but take a look at these to get a better idea of them.

The Babylove Ezy Switch EP Convertible Car Seat Blue booster seat allows you to start your baby’s journey rear-facing and then can be converted to a forward-facing position once necessary. Although the seat is designed for newborns through to age four, children can remain in the seat until age six, as the seat is large and comfortable. With a child cup holder and four slot harness position – this product was made with growing children’s needs in mind.

For children aged six months to eight years, you might be inclined to consider the Babylove Ezy Grow EP Red instead.


InfaSecure Booster Seat

InfaSecure Booster Seats are another option on the market. They’re an Aussie-grown brand that prides themselves on infant safety. Across all their booster seat models are specific features that increase the safety of your child, from the enhancement of side impact protection, through to the modification of seatbelt attachment to stop anti-submarining.

They do all this without compromising on adult comfort too: their booster seats are made of breathable material that can easily be removed to wash. Their headrests can easily be adjusted without uninstalling the booster seat, and there’s no need for crotch clips with their products either! You won’t have any trouble cleaning, washing or installing these booster seats.

Similarly to BabyLove, they offer booster seats for newborns right through to eight-year-olds, and as we stock several of their booster seats, including their Arlo Deluxe Infant Carrier, their Comfi Treo Convertible and their Kompressor 4, you’ll have plenty of choices.



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No matter what you are looking for, iBaby World has a wide range of booster seats and booster seat accessories available that can suit your needs. Feel free to browse our range of booster seats and booster seat accessories, and if you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff would be happy to help you out.

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