Baby Home Safety

digital video baby monitor

By far the biggest worry new parents have is keeping their baby safe as they begin to grow and develop. A safe home environment lets your baby explore their surroundings happily without hazards, and our home safety monitors will give you peace of mind in the middle of the night.

Our Perth baby store stocks a range of safety products designed to prevent illness and accidents, and keep an eye on your newborn during the night. We know how important safety and comfort are for new babies and new parents alike.


Home safety monitors

In the modern world you can rest a little easier in between checking up on your baby knowing you can monitor them from a distance as they snooze. No more creaking floorboards or loud doors to wake them up thanks to new monitoring technology.

There are so many options for in-home monitoring, with a solution for just about every budget. At iBabyWorld we want Perth parents to have peace of mind so we have selected baby monitors from trusted brands, with a range of options including camera systems, audio monitors, and premium all-in-one monitoring solutions.


Promoting home safety

It is important to teach kids about safety in the home from a young age, but before they can learn these lessons it is up to parents to keep babies safe. You can prevent a large range of injuries in the home by keeping an eye on your baby and getting rid of any harmful objects.


infrared forehead thermometer


Health monitoring

Safety and health go hand-in-hand so at iBabyWorld's Perth baby store and online shop we carry a range of thermometers to keep a close eye on how your baby is feeling. Monitoring your newborn's temperature will help to detect and prevent colds and fevers, and make sure their sleeping arrangement is just the right temperature for comfort.


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