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Feeding your baby is more than a daily task, it’s the foundation to their health and well-being, with what you feed being just as important as how you feed. iBabyWorld is your baby store in Perth for all your feeding needs. We are here to help you take the hassle and worry out of feeding times. Come visit our baby shop in Perth and see the wide range of products for yourself.


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Bottle Feeding

Whether feeding breast milk or formula, bottle feeding is the start to any newborn’s feeding regime. Carrying Avent, B.Box and Medela brand bottles and teats, iBabyWorld offers high quality goods so you know that you are providing the best care for you baby. These companies provide products that are designed to minimise air intake, reducing gas and providing the easiest feeding experience for you and your baby. Offering realistic teats in a variety of flow levels for different stages of growth means that you will be able to transition seamlessly from breast feeding to bottle with little to no fuss from your child.



Transitioning to Solid Foods

iBabyWorld is also your baby shop in Perth when it comes time to transition to solid foods. When first offering solids, it’s important for your baby to be able to experience these new flavours and textures safely. The Fresh Food Feeder is just one option available – this unique hand held food holder keeps solid food within a mesh net. The easy grip handle allows your toddler to feed themselves and enjoy trying new foods in a fun and safe way. We also offer unique ranges of utensils, from innovative designs that keep the spoon upright no matter how it’s held, helping your toddler feed themselves, to soft rounded silicon spoons for maximum comfort against your toddler’s mouth. We have many options to help ease your baby’s transition from milk to solids.



Food Preparation

When it comes time to feed your baby solid food, you want to ensure they are receiving a high quality balanced diet. What better way to do that than with home cooked meals? Many new parents shy from the idea due to the time involved, but that shouldn’t stop you. Consider the Babycook from BÉABA – an essential kitchen appliance that will make meal preparation a breeze. This unique invention can cook meals for your child in just 15 minutes. Able to steam cook, blend, defrost and reheat, the Babycook makes meal preparation a simple task. Available as either the Babycook Solo, with one cooking jug, or the Babycook Duo, with two jugs able to make different meals simultaneously, this is a device that will reduce your time in the kitchen and provide you with healthy meals for your growing family.

iBabyWorld is one of the best baby stores in Perth for all of your feeding needs. With a wide range of product from reputable brands, be sure to come into our baby shop in Perth today and explore ways we can improve feeding time for you and your child.

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