Baby Essentials For New Mums

The joy and happiness a newborn baby brings to along is priceless. No one feels this joy more than the mother herself. After months of discomfort and exhaustion, they are rewarded with a bundle of inestimable joy.

Before the birth of your baby, arrangements have to be made to get essentials needed to nurse the little one. When you’re visiting a baby store near your due date, you might be overwhelmed by the number of items you have to buy, you might not even know where to start! To make things easier for you we’ve compiled a list of the baby essentials that you need if you’re a new mum.



setting up nursery furniture and bedding


Nursery furniture is one of your first main essential items that you need ready for when the baby comes. You can put your baby straight into a cot or you could start with a bassinet, these are similar to baskets. Some bassinets come on wheels which is handy for moving the baby to other rooms when you need to.

You can always switch to a cot when you feel your baby has outgrown the bassinet. Because they are larger and have higher protective walls to keep the baby in.

Also, note that your newborn would require softer sheets and blankets as opposed to the general bed-sheets that adults use, so make sure to get the right ones when shopping for your nursery furniture.



baby shoes and pacifiers


Babies love to be wrapped before they go to sleep, so you’ll need to invest in a few muslin cloths or wraps. In terms of other baby clothing they don’t need anything too fancy, just some different types of clothes for different weathers. Socks and shoes to cover their tiny feet and caps or beanies for their heads.

Also make sure to grab a lot of diapers and toiletries because you would be needing them, all the time. It may even be worth buying the nappies in bulk.

When it comes to lotions and other toiletries you also need to be careful in the types you buy, it best to keep to the unscented ones because strong smells may cause some discomfort to your baby.



family with a baby in a pram


Once you’re ready to leave the comfortable surrounds of home you’ll need a pram to get your baby around. Getting some fresh air daily (and fresh coffee) can be great for your sanity, as well as your health.

Not only is it necessary if you want to take your baby anywhere, but baby prams can also be helpful for some babies who have trouble getting to sleep.

Be sure you can fold it and that your new baby pram fits into the trunk of your car before you buy it – most baby stores will let you take it out to the car to see if it fits.

Similarly, if you need to drive your baby anywhere you will have to get a baby car seat. This little piece of furniture helps keep your baby in place beside you while driving.



All that you need for the baby on-the-go is stored in the changing bag. The bag is your secret weapon, it should help you be ready for any situation when you’re on-the-go. The bag should be big enough to contain all the supplies that you need for your baby but shouldn’t be so big that it inconveniences you.

It should also have compartments to store different baby care products like lotions, diapers, change of clothes, etc. This comes in handy so that you don’t have to fumble around for a long time when you’re in a hurry.


This list is full of essentials that you’ll definitely need for your newborn. So to ensure that bringing your baby home is a smooth and favorable experience, make sure you’ve made all the preparations beforehand!

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